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Gaunt family of Summer Hill

Are there any gravestones or tombs with inscriptions to the Gaunt family of Summer Hill, Quarnford in the 18th century? I visited Flash last Saturday and checked gravestones around the church. I did not have time to look at all of the stones & tombs because there are so many.

I am particularly interested in Sarah Gaunt who was buried 26 February 1782. If there is a memorial to her, what age is given and does it give her relationship to other members of the Gaunt family i.e John buried 20 June 1792 and Josiah buried 6 May 1822?

Any information will be much appreciated.



Perhaps this will be helpful Marion

In the book "Flash Back Two" by Margaret Parker there is a list of Monumental
Inscriptions at St.Paul`s Quarnford but there are no Gaunts in the index of it.
The following are from a copy of the Quarnford Parish Register transcribed by Margaret Parker

Children of Josiah Gaunt & Ellen Gaunt  of Gambells Green
Bapt. Oct.1761John Gaunt
Bapt. Feb.1764 Sarah Gaunt Buried Feb.1782
Bapt. Oct.1765 Richard Gaunt
Bapt. Apr. 1767 Josiah Gaunt
Bapt. March 1769 James Gaunt Buried Nov. 1799 living at Summer Hill
Bapt. Dec.1770 Mary & or Martha Gaunt
Bapt. May 1773 Betty Gaunt
Bapt. May 1777 Darby Gaunt
Buried Apr. 1787 Hellen Gaunt of Gamballs Green
Buried May 1822 aged 92 Josiah Gaunt living at Summer Hill

appointed June 1764  Mr. John Gaunt of Summer Hill Church Warden
Children of John Gaunt & Ann Gaunt of Summer Hill
Bapt. Aug. 1766 Prudence Gaunt Buried Aug. 1776
Bapt. March 1770 Son of
Buried Jun. 1792 John Gaunt of Summer Hill

Josiah Gaunt & Elizabeth Gaunt of Dove Head
Bapt. Apr. 1791 Elizabeth Gaunt

John Moss & Mary Moss of Dove Head
Bapt. Dec.1833 Elizabeth Gaunt Moss Buried Jan.1834



Thank you for this information.

I have recently finished transcribing the Quarnford parish registers for the Staffordshire Parish Registers Society, but I don't know how long it will be before they are published. I was not aware that the the registers had already been transcribed, and I am sure no-one at the SPRS knew this when they asked me to take on this project. Has Margaret Parker's transcription been published?

I don't have any family connection with Flash/Quarnford, but when I saw the Gaunt entries I realised that they are related to Gaunts in Milwich who are connected to my tree via two marriages to members of the Knight family of Milwich. It seems they are also connected with Gaunts of Rowley Regis and other places. I hoped to find information about Sarah Gaunt who was buried in 1782 aged 90 who I thought might be the mother of Josiah and John, but I see this burial has been connected in your list to Sarah baptised in 1764. This cannot be correct in view of her age.

Thanks again for your help






Looking again at Sarah Gaunts death in 1782 the record shows where she lived as  Summer Hill

the baptism record for Sarah Gaunt in 1764 shows the place of living as Gamballs Green.

the death record in 1782 does not show she was the daughter of Josiah that was my presumption

1782.24.FebB  SarahGauntSummer Hill



Thanks Rex, that agrees with my transcription, except for the omission of her age from the transcript you have, and I hoped that would have been verified if she had a gravestone.

My next step will be to check if there are any wills for the Gaunt family.









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