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Gold in Quarnford

Perhap these are some of Julies ancestors shown are the Gould familys shown on Quarnford Parish Register from 1744 - 1847 for baptisms and 1870 for deaths.
Mrs Parker finished trancribing the register last year and gave me a copy she said  "owing to the poor quality of some of the Fiches it was not
possible to read all the entries".
B.= Buried, (?) = no bapt. date shown or no house name.
The numbers in brackets are the spreadsheet numbers where the familys start on my copy
Some of the entries were spelt Gold.

(245)Isaac Gould & Elizabeth Gould    
William Gould Feb.1750 Hollinsclough  

Dec,1751 Micah Gould of the parish of HARTINGTON mar.Ann Knowles of the parish of ALSTONFIELD at Quarnford
(1240)William Gould & Sarah Gould(1746-1783)    
John Gould Nov.1766 Baldstone B. Jun.1830 Baldstone 
Josiah Gould Sep.1768 Baldstone  
William Gould Mar.1771 Baldstone B1799 
Richard Gould Mar.1774 Baldstone   
Moses Gould Jun.1776 Baldstone B.Mar.1777 
Moses Gould Mar.1778 Baldstone  
Thomas Gould Mar.1781 Baldstone  
Sarah Gould Jun.1783 Baldstone  

(1706)Thomas Gould & Mary Gould    
William Gould ?   B.Jun.1773 Annroach 
John Gould Jan.1774 Annroach B.Nov.1776 Leek 
(2210)James Gould & Mary Gould    
Joseph Gould ? ? B.Apr.1781 
Aug. 1789 A Wm. Gould(widr.) mar. Martha Mellor at Alstonfield    
(3067)William Gould(?-Jan.1799) & Martha Gould(?-1804)    
James Gould Jun.1792 Baldstone B.Jun.1868 Summerhill,Leekfrith 
Mary Gould Jun.1794 Baldstone B.Nov.1794 
Roland Gould ? Baldstone B.May 1799 

(4269)John Gould(Lab.)(1766-1830 & Sarah Gould(1778-1853)     
Sally Gould Jun.1809 Hazel Barrow B.Mar.1810  
James Gould Apr.1810 Hazel Barrow   
Betty Gould Jun.1811 Blue hills   
John Gould Jul.1813 Ball Stone   
Sarah Gould Jun.1818 Heathylee   
Elijah Gould Dec.1820 Ball Stone   
(4672)James Gould(Lab.)(1792-1868) & Mary Gould(1789-1869)     
Nancy Gould Aug.1815 Blue Hills   
Joseph? Gould Apr.1818 Hazel Barrow   
James Gould 1824 Hazel Barrow B.May 1824 (5weeks)  
George Gould 1827(Ref.1841Census) B.Jul.1844 Summerhill Leekfrith  

(6484)Elijah Gould(Lab.) & Ruth Gould    
Ann Gould Jun.1839 Ramshaw  
Sarah Gould Sep.1844 Cheadle Buckley  
(6641)Abraham Gould(1821-1844)(Collier) & Mary Gould(1823-1845)    
Sarah Ann Gould Apr.1842 Leekfrith Jun.1854 Ridge? 
(6744)Joseph Gould(Collier) & Eliza Gould    
Sarah Gould Mar.1844 Hazel Barrow  
George? Gould Aug.1845 Blue Hills  

DEATHS from familys not shown 
James Gould 1758 Axe Edge
Hellen Gould 1847 Inf. Wildboarclough

Apr.1766 A Wm. Gould mar. Sarah Heapy at Alstonfield it seems likely that it is the Wm. Gould from Baldstone, as in
1746 a Sarah Heapy dau. John & Grace Heapy of Baldstone was bapt. at Quarnford
Sarah died in 1783 and in Aug. 1789 a Wm. Gould(widr.) mar. Martha Mellor at Alstonfield again the children are shown at Baldstone

Thomas Gould mar. Mary Heapy Oct.1771 at Alstonfield this could well be the Thomas shown as in Dec.1752 Mary dau.
of John & Sarah Heapy of Adders Green was bapt. at Quarnford. Adders Green is only a stones throw from Anroach

Thomas Gould Apr.1748 Hollinsclough is from the records on this site and has the same named parents as (245)

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