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Angie Taylor

Eddie Cundy Crowdecote

I am trying to trace Eddie Cundy's Family. He was cousin to the Bradbury and Wilde Families. He lived with his wife Annie at Meadow Farm Crowdecote.
I know his grandfather was Charles William Cundy and grandmother Jane Ellen Gilman. Does anyone know any more I'd be grateful for any help.
Many Thanks



dear angela
i write assuming you are the angela taylor who has placed the 2 photo's on the history bit
people at nab end
i have found this web site by accident and you made my day last night when iI saw a picture of my real grandmother, i have never seen a picture of her ever,but remember her when i was a very small boy at a place called Barrow moor
it is Harriet Bradbury & I am one of her grand children i am named after her husband(i think) Frederick moses tunnnicliffe Bradbury(never knew him -died before i came along)
i never lived with her or my mum.....not really sure why but have no regrets
i remember being taken up there from leek by a geezer called walter cundy i recall he had a bad leg and the car was held together by string and usually smelled of cow muck?
i am made up that i can print off the photo ,the anthony wilde photo rings a bell as well (he was called uncle tant???)
if you look at the 1960's photo on the web page it has my aunt (jessie)carrying my cousin arthur.Never knew jessie as she apparently died young
anyway  this may mean nowt to you if it does not please disregarde



HI There Frederick,
I have lots of family info to share with you and photos of your mother too. I'm pretty sure that I travelled to Barrowmoor in the same car as you held together with string!!
Please contact me again on taylorswormhill@btinternet.com

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